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The Dirty Dogger Race consists of 10 obstacles.  Each of these obstacles has been designed by a team of canine professionals, with the safety of our dogs and runners as the primary goal. 


The obstacles are designed for dogs of any size to be able to complete.  Dogs do not need to have had any training in order to successfully navigate these obstacles, however, if your dog knows how to walk across different surfaces, go through tunnels, crawl or duck under items, and sniff out a treat, it will help!


These obstacles are not available to the public, so no one/no group has an advantage over another with being able to practice before the race.  The more races you enter, the better you and your dog will get at mastering the obstacles.


Don't get too comfortable though.. every year we will be developing three new obstacles, so you will never know quite what to expect ...but that's what makes it so fun!



"Himalayan Climb"

Both dog and runner must climb over this obstacle.  Plus.. dog and runner need to each stay on their own side of the black center line, and touch the yellow contact zone on the bottom.  This obstacle is 36" high, and 7' wide.

"Crawl Space"

Dog and runner must crawl under the cargo net without stepping out of the boundaries of the obstacle.  This obstacle is 5' x 5', and 24" tall.

"Dirty Dog Bog"

Dog and runner must wade through the mud filled trench from beginning to end, without stepping out of the boundaries of the obstacle.  This obstacle is 12' long, and 6" tall.

"Do You Smell That?"

Dog and runner must each correctly identify which of their two boxes contain the scent of food.  Holes have been drilled into the top of the box to let more of the scent escape.  There are four boxes in total - two for the dog and two for the runner.  One of the two boxes will contain the scent.


Dog and runner must crawl under the chute together, then come out and go to their own ladders.  Both dog and runner must walk over the ladders, not missing any rungs, and not step out of the sides of the ladder.

"Balancing Act"

Dog and runner must navigate over their own balance beams.  Plus ... dog and runner need to step on the yellow contact zones on either end of the beam.  This obstacle is 12" tall, 9" wide, and 8' long.

"Over Here, Under Where?"

Dog and runner must navigate through a series of five jumps.  Two jumps require the dog and runner to jump over them, three require them to go underneath.  Dogs and runners must be able to navigate this obstacle without knocking down any of the jump poles.  The short (over) poles are 9" high, and the tall (under) poles are 24" high.

"Do the Wobble"

Dog and runner must each step onto a wobble board.  Dog's board is suspended 1/2" above the ground, runner's board is suspended 1" above the ground. Dog must remain in a sit position for five seconds while the runner remains standing on their board.  Boards are 2' X 2'

"Doggy-Pad Hop"

Dog and runner must cross the water element by traversing over the floating 'doggy-pad'.  Dog and runner must both be on the doggy-pad at the same time, and may not step off the side of the pad.  There will be two pads - one to cross over the element, and the other to cross back to the course.  Doggy-pads are 2'X4' each.


Dog and runner must crawl into the tunnel, and through the collapsable chute, out the other end.



Handler must place the dog into the wagon by either leading or command ing dog to jump into the wagon, or they may lift or partially lift the dog into the wagon.  The dog must stay in the wagon while the handler pulls the wagon 10 feet.


Dog and handler must enter the ‘pond’ (filled with muddy water) between the two lines of tape (3 feet wide) on the near side of the pond.  They must make their way across the pond, and then exit between the two pieces of tape (3 feet wide) on the far side of the pond. 

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