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The safety of our dogs and runners is of utmost concern to us.  It is with this in mind that we have created the following Rules of The Race:


  1. Mishandling of dogs and/or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  Anyone acting in an abusive or disorderly manner will be asked to leave the event immediately.

  2. Dogs must be at least six months of age to compete in the race, and up to date on all vaccines required by law.

  3. Any dog appearing to be sick or injured will be asked to check in with the veterinarian on duty.  The veterianarian will determine if the dog is fit to compete.  The veterinarian's ruling is final.

  4. The minimum age requirement for handlers is 9 years of age.  All handlers under 16 years of age must be accompanied to the event with an adult.

  5. All handlers are required to sign a waiver prior to competing in the race.  Minors must have an adult sign the waiver.

  6. The only equipment allowed to be used in the Dirty Dogger Race is a flat collar, a martingale collar, or a back clip harness.  Choke chains, prong collars, e-collars, front clip harnesses and gentle leaders will NOT be allowed to be used.  No flexi-leads will be allowed at the event.  A non-retractable leash no longer than 6 ft in length is required.  You may use a hands-free leash if desired. The dog must remain in their equipment at all times.  If for any reason your dog gets out of a collar or harness, causing them to be off-leash, the judge will blow their whistle, indicating you must move on from that obstacle with a score of 0. 

  7. Dogs must remain on leash at all times during the event.  During the race, the handler MAY NOT drop the leash at any time, for any reason.  If the leash is dropped, the judge will blow their whistle, indicating you must move on from that obstacle with a score of 0. 

  8. Treats ARE allowed at the event, and on the course.  While on the course, you may use as many treats as you would like, but if you are using a treat bag/pouch, IT MUST BE CLOSED WHILE YOU ARE MOVING.  If a judge sees an open treat pouch, they will ask you to close it.  If you drop a treat, you will be asked to pick it up.  

  9. There will be set times for course walk-thru's.  You may not enter the course at any other times than the designated walk thru time.  You may not take your dog on the walk-thru, so plan accordingly.  Questions for the judges/staff may be asked at this time. 

  10. While on the course, you MAY NOT use your leash to drag your dog.  If your dog stops, hesitates at something, tries to move backwards or around something, you may hold still,  and try to help lure your dog with praise or treats, but you MAY NOT continue to move forward causing your dogs feet to come off the ground, or drag across the ground in any way.  If a judge determines that you are moving forward while your dog is not, they will blow a whistle indicating that you are dismissed from that obsacle with a score of 0.

  11. You may not push, pull or pick up your dog up while on the course.  The only touching you may do is to praise/pet your dog.

  12. You have one minute to complete each obstacle.  Time starts once your dog's nose has crossed the threshold of the obstacle banner.  Once the minute is up, the judge will blow a whistle, indicating that you must move onto the next obstacle.  There is a point value of 10 for each obstacle.  It is possible to receive partial points for an obstacle.  The point breakdown for each obstacle will be handed out at the race.  The judges ruling is final.  

  13. Unaltered dogs are allowed at the event, but no females in heat may attend the event.

  14. If your dog is reactive to other dogs, or aggressive in any way, you will be asked to put a red bandana around your dogs neck, indicating to others that your dog should not be approached.  If your dog is determined to be an imminent danger to people or other dogs at the event, you will be asked to leave the event.

  15. Please be sure to give your dog an opportunity to go potty before their run.  If a dog urinates or deficates on the course, you will be 'eliminated' from your run.







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