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The Dirty Dogger Race is a first of it's kind.


 It is a scored, timed obstacle course race designed specifically for a human and a dog to run together.


The race consists of a course anywhere between 1/2 and 1 mile long, and containing 10 obstacles.


Runners will be given an opportunity to walk the course before their run so that they can familiarize themselves with the obstacles, and ask questions.


Teams will start the course in 5 minute intervals, giving the team ahead of them enough space  so that the dogs will not be passing each other.


Teams will have one minute to complete each obstacle.  Each obstacle has directions and a scoring chart that the runner will be given before the race.  There is a judge at each obstacle that will record the score for each team.


At the end of the race, the team with the highest score will be the winning team.  In the case of a tie, the teams course time will be used to break the tie.


This race is designed for the 'average' dog and human to be able to complete. The obstacles are safe for dogs of all sizes.  However, teams will be required to climb, crawl/duck, balance, and must be willing to get dirty.


The object of this race is to spend some quality time with your dog, meet some new people with similar inerests (or perhaps visit with old friends), support a local non-profit, and most of all to HAVE FUN!  Teams can be as competetive, or non competitive as they would like - they can even opt to go around some (or even all!) of the obstacles.


The race will be run in two sections - an AM and a PM session, with an hour break in the middle for teams to have lunch, visit with each other, and learn about the non profit they are supporting.  Runners are able to request an AM or a PM running time when registering, so that they can plan their day accordingly.



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